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: * ( its all sucky! - Sorry its so long

*Uhh everything sucks! I swear my sis is driving me C*R*A*Z*Y!! Im gonna go off on her in a min I swear.. Like a whilea go my friend Julie went around my gym class telling peopel i was pregnant(damn i wanted to kick her ass that was not cool) and Dustin belived it and the other day he was waititng at my locker and he hands me a condome and he said "heres for next time". Ahh i was so embarrassed and then today we were doing our stretches and he goes " where were you when u conseived your baby and what posistion were you in" omg if he dosent leave mea lone im gonna kill him.. To bad ic ant do that hes to cute and sweet! aHhhh I think im crushin on him.. My famnily is driving me crazy im so sick of them im sick of everyone and im sick of my life i cant take it anymore! Everyone thinks they can tell me what to do i dont play that game so fuck everyone!
Last night I went to Sparkled(skateing rink) w/ Courtney and then we walked down to Ingles and it was FREEZING and raining and we just walked around for a while then she called Jerstin and he came then we beat up the machine cuz it took my fucking money. Oh well i got it back lol.. Then we got these little balls out of those 25 cent machines and i lost mine(so sad :*( } Then Jerstin stuck Courtneys down his pants how nice.
School sucks as usual. I found out my friend Tania's sister died yesterday I feel so bad for her. She always talked about her and I dont know what I can do for her becasue im not supposed to know. But I also feel really bad for what i did to Jeff yesterday. I was getting so sick of him and I couldnt take it anymore so when he tried tot alk to me on the computer I told him i didnt wanna tlak to him so he kept instant messaging me and id ignore him. And he thinks its cus the other night I yelled at him fo tlaking about me to Ashley. But thats not it AT ALL!! Im sick of him hes always like i miss you and telling me he likes me and I dotn know i kinda like him telling me that but also I cant stand it at the same time and when ever I think about him I get all pissed and annoyed and crap. God I dotn understand this all i hate it! Then he called me when i was at sparkled and I hung up on him. Besides I wouldnt ahve been able to hear him to loud lots of music going on.. Uhh I swear i cant take this anymore everything in my life sucks so much.. Last night Courtney told me she worries about me a lot cuz I dotn really tell her anything and theres one thing I can see she could worrie about but im not gonna say what it is but i dont like people to worrie or feel sorrie for me.
Damn I have a lot of free time and its sad. I baley go out w/ friedns and I was supposed to go to the mall w/ Courts, Jerstin, and Alan today and my mom changed her mind uhh she just loves to make my life a living hell. Then tomorrow im supposed to go w/ them again and my parents are being pissy i cant take it aHhh! Uhh latley i love to go to school to get away from everyone because then I can ignore everyone and do my own little thing but sometimes i want to be around my friends. My emotions have goen crazya nd i dont like it i can be happy one minute then the rest of the day im all depressed always sad! half the time i dotn even know why. I gotta go my parents and sis are being a bitch see I never have time to do anything i cant even write everything in here cuz my sis always reads it uhh i just want something for myself every once in a while!
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