Official emo girl BEWARE ill cry my heart out!?! (mohawksaresexy) wrote in weallliesowellx,
Official emo girl BEWARE ill cry my heart out!?!

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*Uhh im damn pissed right now. I was supposed to go to the mall w/ Courts, jerstin, and Alan today adn tomorrow(whoo 2 days in a row)! But my mom and dad are so damn lazy they wont pick us up and they wont let me get a ride w/ them ITS NOT FUCKING FAIR! Uhh my mom just loves to ruin everything I hate her so much at times! Uhh I swear im so pissed its not even funny! Then in gym we were doing this weight trainning crap and i hurt so bad now.. Omg and my friend Tanias sister dies yesterday i feel so bad for her.. She talked about her all the time i dont know what to tell her now she was crying today and i felt so bad i thought i was gonan cry and i like never feel that way;..
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