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Official emo girl BEWARE ill cry my heart out!?!

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*Whoo I think i did something to my arm today! Playing soccer in gym and i got tripped and scratched up my arm and it pooped and it hurts now and i told the girl if she broke she better run cuz ill kick her ass! Then BONER BOY!! Ha lmao.. Ok well i went to sparkles w/ Courtney we walked around at Ingles practically the whole time but who cares cuz as you all should no i dont skate so i usually just sit there while she does WHOO IM LIKE A FUCKING LONER GO ME! Well me and her talked a lot and she was asking why I dont like Jeff anymore and damn hes so fucking annoyying I SWEAR! He always tlaks to me on the computer and hes like i miss you and all and its all SHIT! So today he instant messaged me and i told him i dont wanna talk to him and all so he called me when i was at sparkles and i hung up on him besides its so fucking loud in there w/ all the music i coulsnt hear him anyway. Damn my arm really hurts lol. But when we were at Ingles Greg kept punching COurtney in the back so i was leaning against a pole until i moved and he punched my back and it felt really good at first but then it started to hurt and now my back is killing me ahhh! Damn the guy from the OC is fine! Tonight Courtney gave me a note that i was supoosed to get like yesterday but i didnt go to school and shes like ur all alone s/n is so sad and shes was like why are u so sad and quiet adn she said that i scar her a lot when im upset i wont tell anyone and i get all pissy and yeah well shes liekt he only person who knowa about when i get upset so i guess it could scar her in a way... I hate being all depressed I want tog et over this.. I cant take it anymore.. And my mom is really pissing me off now. Ok if u had a 15 year old daughter and her friend is 16 and he gets his licens friday would u let her and some friedns go to the mall w/ him and he drives u??? Cuz she wont let me I dont underdtand why its really pissign me off she just loves to screw up my life and plans w/ friends ok i RARLEY go out w/ friends or go anywhere(remeber im like damn loner lmao) and the one time im gonna go hang out w/ Courtney Jerstine and Alan she wont let me its not fucking fair! UHH ok im really pissed now so im gonna go blow of some steam!
The other nite i cried for about an hour i hate everything right now it all sucks... I've tried talkign to Ashley but im sure she dosent understand everything hell she live like a thoudand miles away i really want someone to talk to but there is know one at least not any more!
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